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Emirhan Akcay
Busra Burcin
Hard Reset

Hard Reset, well-known tastemaker as an A&R and DJ/Producer, has been garnering attention from audiences around the world with his sets and production that transcends genre limits.

As an A&R, Hard Reset has helped to discover and develop the careers of some of the most exciting new talents while taking the Future Forward labels to the next level with an innovative and visionary approach. From pioneering the first electronic music compilation sold on NFT space in the world to helping up and coming producers’ music to be supported by names like Tale of Us, Above & Beyond, Tiesto, Oostil, Cosmic Gate, Magdalena, Andrew Meller to name few.

As a DJ, Hard Reset’s signature style is creative, eclectic and ever-evolving. His sets consist of unheard tracks, often taking the listener on a journey through multiple genres and sounds while constantly creating a cohesive sound that is both energetic and groovy.

Hard Reset’s unique position as an A&R and his talent to dig deep into hundreds of tracks every day have also seen him invited to play at some of the biggest clubs and festivals around Europe from Budapest to Istanbul alongside well-known names in the industry such as Adana Twins, Gioli & Assia, Hidden Empire, Mathame, Oostil, Goom Gum, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Recondite, and Stephan Jolk.

Spending countless hours digging through archives and demos to find the perfect track to suit his style, he developed a true appreciation for the craft of music production. Drawing inspiration from the countless hours spent in the studio and behind the decks, Hard Reset’s creative process was heavily influenced by the music he had encountered and the sounds he had been exposed to.

It was no surprise that once his own music was released, it was widely acclaimed by industry tastemakers. Hard Reset’s music is as unique as it is infectious. His creative use of samples, intricate drum patterns, and ethereal soundscapes could be heard in every track and resonated with listeners around the world. Hard Reset is an incredibly passionate and talented artist, and his dedication to his craft has made him one of the most sought after DJs and producers in the scene today. He is an example of how passion and dedication can lead to success, and his story serves as an inspiration for many aspiring producers who are looking to make their mark in the music industry.