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Emirhan Akcay
Busra Burcin

Triart was born as a creative project that aims to bring together the commonaesthetic in music coalescing with art where powerful emotions emerge.

After getting to know each other at the beginning of high school years, childhood dreams of the trio gathered them in one place: TriartTriart was born as a creative project that aims to bring together the common aesthetic in music coalescing with art where powerful emotions emerge.Having lived in different countries before creating Triart, the trio always shared a common desire to convey their own memories and experiences through musical journey. They individually went on seeking the connection between stories and sounds with solo performances in different countries that laid the foundations of Triart.

In 2015, Triart released their first original work “The Beginning”, getting high profile support from DJs and the listeners. With their first track, they reached top 50 on Beatport, where a year after their first EP “Anadolu/Rumeli” got awarded top 3 on Beatport releases in 2017. “Rumeli” got supported by trance acts like Above & Beyond and Cosmic Gate on their radio shows which helped trio to find themselves warming up for Markus Schulz, Cosmic Gate, Ferry Corsten, Gareth Emery with their eclectic, progressive and emotional DJ performancecompositions.Being able to carry their identity a step forward after each performance, Triart decided to redefine their story by making their productional processes far away from the eyes when they felt they needed to give a break from what they do and come back for better. The rise and fall was a perfectly balance in their revolution and evolving sonic journey.

In 2019, after nearly two years of exploring different musical approaches, developing their sounds, and drawing a road map of Triart, they returned from hiatus with “Reboot”. What began as an exploration of total control of our creative direction transformed into a new Triart. The single, which climbed to the top 20 in the melodic house and techno charts on Beatport, proved that Triart’s hiatus was well worth it.After Reboot, top charter tracks startedcoming one after another. “Reboot”s sequel tracks “Life Cycles” and “Last Day Dream” combined in one EP charted top 10 on iTunes in 53 countries. Their remix of Karakter’s “Sakura”, which released from Sony Music in 2020, became their breakthrough song. With “Sakura” becoming a hit, the trio started to perform in club shows with the scene’s leading acts and appear on major festivals.

Their unstoppable rise reached across continents with their releases and atmospheric exploration of beats. In 2021, after the Covid-19 restrictions partly lifted around the world, they headlined shows from Beirut to New York City. Triart also joined Artbat for their debut in Tampa, FL.

What they’ve brought into life keeps giving them a prolific opportunity to portray the dark, moody cuts with a dramatic narrative for their audience.Triart continues to chase their storythrough sounds from a diverse range of spectrum that are blended with each other beyond the traces.